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Rocket Speeds
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Rocket fuel is expensive, so why waste it on unneeded resources? Independently configure the memory, processing, bandwidth and storage to maximize the efficiency of your service.
Rocket Speeds
Our enterprise servers employ Intel Xeon processors, DDR4 memory, hard RAIDed SSD storage, and high speed internet.
Launch in Seconds
Get your mission underway in T-minus 10 seconds by launching one of our preinstalled distributions including: cPanel, Debian, Droplet, PHPMyAdmin, Minecraft, and much much more! Learn more about our Payloads here.
Full Throttle!
With kernel-based virtual machines (KVMs), our service delivers 100% dedicated resources. With GoVPS you get the price of a VPS with the power and reliability of a dedicated server!

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There is no need to disclose personal information to host here! Pay anonymously with Cryptocurrency.

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Each and every GoVPS client receives services of the highest standard no matter their hosting option.

In this day and age a business and/or website owner deserves an intuitive and easy-to-use self-serve interface that isn't prone to constant downtime and UI changes.

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